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What Are The Best Foosball Tables In 2017?

If you have recently gone to purchase a foosball table, you must have realized the overwhelming variety that is currently available in the market for clients like yourself. They are being sold in different types, the variation is in pricing, construction material, features and even size. The different foosball tables are designed and manufactured by several brands. However, the main determinant of purchase is usually the price of the foosball table. This article will seek to determine the best foosball tables of 2017 that money can buy, brought to you buy Foosball Heroes.

Factors That Determine The Best Foosball Tables Of 2017


A good foosball table has to be of some standard size to facilitate good playability. This is why it is important to know the full extension of the playing rods of a foosball table before purchasing it.


This is a very important factor as it enables one to compare their intended budget against the foosball table that it can fetch in the market. The price is a factor of type of table, materials used for construction, size of the table and the brand.

Other features that are used in the determination of the best foosball table of 2017 include the following:

  • Presence of table levelers
  • Availability of playing rods that are hollow for improved speed and better play
  • Presence of a sticker surface

Best Foosball Tables Of 2017 According To Price

  • UHathaway hurricanender $200 – It is the Hathaway Hurricane foosball table. It is an ideal product for recreational use and some quality family time. Its features include the following:
    • Dimension – It is 54 inches in length. A size that makes it easy to store and allows to fit in most rooms.
    • Cabinet – It is made of a high quality MDF wood material. It is also stained in a light cherry color that is characterized by black details which are aesthetically appealing.
    • Rods – These are chrome plated to give them a premium look.
    • Leg levers – These are adjustable and function to provide support to the foosball table.
    • Goalie system – It has a 3-goalie setup that is good beginners.
    • Manual scoring – This allows for easy tracking of scores.
    • Ball return – It is equipped with an automatic ball return to allow for continuity in the game.
  • Under $500 – The Kick Solstice qualifies in this category. It is a worthwhile investment from the Kick brand because of these features:
    • Warranty – It offers clients a lifetime warranty. This clearly indicates the confidence the manufacturer has with regard to its longevity as a product.
    • Material – This table is made of material that is highly durable and of very high quality to facilitate longevity in service.
    • 3-goalie configuration – This configuration has a defender mounted on both sides of the goalies to simplify defense.
    • Playing surface – It has a smooth playing surface for a high level of play.
    • Bearings – It has high quality bearings that greatly reduce friction when playing.
    • Men – This table is fitted with counterbalanced men for improved ball control, better finesse and extra technique.
    • Size – It is 55 inches long to allow it to fit in most gaming rooms.
  • Under $800 – Thkick-ambassadore Kick Ambassador is yet another quality product from the renowned Kick brand. It is ideal for players that have advanced on an intermediate level. It is fitted with tournament level features and other interesting features as follows:
    • Finish – It is equipped with a very classy finish made of Mahogany wood.
    • Size – It is 55 inches long for optimum play. This size can also fit in a majority of game rooms in homes and offices.
    • Men – This product is equipped with counterbalanced men that allow players to hold steady even in horizontal positions.
    • Bearings – This is a premium feature that completely eliminates friction for a more fun foosball game.
    • Handles – It is fitted with non-slip grip handles that facilitate a high level play.
    • Goalie configuration – This product has an optional three-man and one man goalie configuration. This leaves room for preference of the player.
    • Warranty – It has a lifetime warranty to imply that it is very durable.


Sport Squad FX40

This is a tabletop foosball table that is relatively affordable. It is ideal for kids, people who have limited space and people who do not play frequently. It has the following features:

  • Weight – It is in light in weight i.e. 15 pounds making it very portable
  • Size – It has a suitable size that is easy to store and also transport. Its dimensions are 37 x 20 x 8 inches

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

This table is more suitable for kids because of its friendly features. It is ideal for kids and will add to the décor in your home. It has the following features:

  • Warranty – It is sold with a 90 day warranty and this is proof that the manufacturer has confidence in its durability
  • Weight – It is approximately 50 pounds, this is a weight that can sufficiently withstand game play
  • Goalie – This table has a three-man goalie configuration that is ideal for kids
  • Size – It has suitable dimensions i.e. 49 x 28 x 11 inches and this improves maneuverability for kids.

Kettler Weatherproof Foosball Table

This is the best foosball table for outdoor. This product is good for those who love spending most of their time outdoors. It has the following unique features:

  • Durability – It is designed to be completely waterproof and can therefore withstand the elements
  • Warranty – This table has a 3-year warranty which is a factor that supports its longevity in service
  • Goalie – It is designed with a single goalie setup which is the most common one
  • Men – It has counterbalanced men for better ball control
  • Weight – This product weighs 130 pounds, a weight that can comfortably withstand intense play
  • Legs – It has leg levelers to provide a playing surface that is level


The above insightful information highlights some of the best foosball tables of 2017 that foosball enthusiasts can strongly consider to purchase for their gaming rooms.