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Toyota Supports Communities to Grow With the Brand: Toyota Sports Sponsorship

AFC Asian Cup 2015 Sponsored by Toyota

To Toyota, sports sponsorship is not just about building a good corporate brand. While it’s true that companies use sports sponsorship to create strong feelings about the company’s brand in the heart of customers, Toyota goes further than that. The premier automotive brand aims at creating an environment that helps sports people and communities to develop a strong feeling of need for excellence. Toyota sports sponsorship inspires communities to believe in their potential and face the future with confidence. Just as the company is reputed for going beyond the limits to ensure that consumers get top-notch cars, it is also known to support individuals who want to go beyond the limits in pursuit of their goals in life. Few strategies can perform this function better than sports sponsorship.

Local Toyota Dealerships Get Involved In Community

One belief that is deeply rooted in the heart of Toyota is that people can only realize their dreams if they are free to move, grow and explore. As people move, grow, and explore, they face obstacles that tend to blur the image of their success. Luckily, good corporate citizens like Toyota realize this possible impediment and come up with initiatives that help to remove these obstacles. As a result, people can continue working towards their goals. That’s why even local Toyota dealerships like in Kansas City, MO involve themselves in sports activities such as sports sponsorship and motor shows. Another is Jerry’s Toyota in Baltimore, MD:

Toyota Football Sponsorship

Among all sports, soccer wins the hearts of most fans. There are about 3.5 billion football fans in the world. Since the most ardent soccer players and fans are young people, the sport can be used to teach these people important lessons about life.

Toyota has been a sports partner in both international and grass-roots soccer organization. In the recent past, Toyota has continued to renew its long-term sponsorship partnerships with the Asian Football Federation, the Australian Federal League (AFL), just to name a few. The company has also increased its involvement in local football by sponsoring workshops and tournaments that promote football in various Asian regions. The 3-year sponsorship deal with AFL signed in 2016 ranks as one of the biggest sponsorship in the history of Australian football.

In the larger Asia region, Toyota has sponsored or plans to sponsor leagues such as FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Asian Qualifiers, AFC Asian Cup, AFC Women’s Asian Cup, AFC U-23 Championship, and AFC Futsal Championship. Grassroots soccer tournaments in Toyota’s sponsorship portfolio include Copa Bridgestone Libertadores, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, and AFC Futsal Club Championship. Further, Toyota fosters the development of young football players through championships such as the AFC U-19 Championship, AFC U-19 Women’s Championship, AFC U-16 Championship, and AFC U-16 Women’s Championship.

What to expect from a Toyota Football Sponsorship

  1. Fan/spectator support items: Toyota gives out fan support items like balloon sticks to help liven up the game. This arrangement increases the enthusiasm of fans as they cheer their favorite teams and enjoy sports events.
  2. Player escort kids: At every sponsored match, Toyota gives young children the opportunity to hold the hands of soccer heroes and heroines as they escort the players to the pitch.
  3. Football clinics: Toyota liaises with participant teams to hold football clinics aiming at cultivating the development of football talents as well as increasing the enthusiasm for the sport.

Toyota Athletics Sponsorship

Toyota athletic sponshorship programs

Fast forward, Toyota will be sponsoring the IIAF World Championships that will be held in London from 4th to 13th August, 2017. This is one of the three biggest world sports events that happen periodically. Toyota is involved in a plethora of activities in support of athletics. This involvement includes the provision of cars for athletics organizing committees, contributing marathon lead and timing cars, contributing to the building of world-class stadiums, etc.

Need a sports sponsorship?

If you are searching for a sponsorship partner, consider Toyota. The company values its relationship with your community and aims at supporting community members to continue doing good. You can apply for a sponsorship and be the next beneficiary of Toyota’s sponsorship program.

Before applying for the sponsorship, Toyota wishes to let you understand its dream. This dream is envisioned in the company’s focus of growing together with stakeholders and creating smart solutions and great automotive products. Toyota views sponsorship as support for an individual, team, program, or event and expects the sponsored entity to allow for promotion of Toyota’s products, services and overall brand. Sponsorship proposals are evaluated based on how good they fit with the brand.

Toyota Sponsorship Guidelines
  1. Sponsorship and community programs should be aligned to either one or several of the following key areas:
    • Motor vehicle and related industries
    • Sports, media, lifestyle and entertainment
    • Community and grass roots
    • Environment
  2. The activities to be sponsored should be in line with Toyota’s corporate values
  3. The individual, team, or event must have the capability to reach out to many people
  4. It must provide significant benefits to Toyota’s marketing and business relationships
  5. The activity must be free from competitors’ activities
  6. There should be longevity. Toyota wishes to provide support that extends beyond just one event
  7. The event should give Toyota’s stakeholders and the community at large opportunities to better their lives.

Marathan lead car (Prius)An organization searching for sponsorship should be credible and has satisfactory information on its financial and management status. It should have a good track record of managing community initiatives and sponsorship and has been successful in promoting sports activities. In addition, the organization should demonstrate its experience in delivering value to its sponsors.

Organizations or individuals currently sponsored by a competitor of Toyota cannot be considered for the sponsorship. Also, if the individual, team, or event discriminates against any minority group or presents an environmental/community hazard, Toyota will not partner in such a case.

Nobody should let the lack of resources limit his/her potential to be a sports star. If you believe in yourself and are ready to take your talent as an individual or team to the next level, Toyota believes in you too. If you organize community activities to support development of sports talent and the involvement of community members in sports, Toyota looks forward to partnering with you in that noble quest. A Toyota sports sponsorship will ensure that as people plan to move forward in their lives, they get quality vehicles for the journey; cars that provide great value for money and offer maximum satisfaction.